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A-level Tutors

Do you have an upcoming exam or test? Are you preparing a university application? Struggling with coursework and revision?

Do you need to boost your self-confidence and stay focussed?

Did you know that 96% of Spires tutoring students get their predicted grade or an increase of at least one grade?

A-level Tutors .

A-level Tutors

Online A-level Tutors

The Profs online a-level tuition is a virtual system that enables pupils to interact with highly-qualified, professional, self-employed private tutors and education consultants in London, The UK, and with English-speaking students everywhere. They specialise in university level tutoring in London, including A-level, IB, GCSE, and more.

Founded in 2014 by Richard Evans, a 1st class graduate in Economics & Political Sciences from the LSE, and Leo Evans, a former financier from JP Morgan, The Profs pride themselves on their outstanding track-record of guiding students and their responsiveness to their needs. Their office is situated in London, offering both face-to-face private tutors in London and online tuition internationally.

The Profs have been highlighted in several media, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, and more. They have celebrated reaching major milestones, such as 90% of university applicants receiving offers from their first or second choice universities. They also provide additional mentoring and tutoring support for job tests, interviews, and more.

As the UK's top-rated tuition company since 2016 on Trustpilot, The Profs are proud partners of Spires and BitPaper. They have won honours like the Best Tutoring Company at the EducationInvestor Awards and have been finalists for The Guardian's Start-Up of the Year Award.

Whether you need help in online a-level tuition or any other subject, The Profs have got you supported. Their skilled tutors can mentor in Secondary School subjects, exams preparation, and more.

With The Profs, you can reach your academic dreams, build good self-study routines, and succeed in your academics. Call them today at +44 208 004 7639 or visit their office at Sierra Quebec Bravo, Canary Wharf, 77 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SH, United Kingdom, to start improving your grades.

Online A-level Tutors

I feel lucky to have had Richard as a tutor

I had the delightful pleasure of being taught by Richard in preparation for my exams. During our time together I was very impressed to see him coming overly prepared to our lessons. His excellent subject knowledge allowed me to excel in economics, resulting in an A in my January module. As well as having superb economic understanding, Richard is a very polite and respectable young man that takes a professional and creative path towards tuition. In all honesty I feel lucky to have had Richard as a tutor.

H.H. Sheikh Maktoum Bin Suhail Al Maktoum, Dubai

Online A-level Tutoring

A very positive experience

I have been working with The Profs since January of this year, and have had a very positive experience. It is hard to articulate just how great of an impact my tutors have had on both my ability to understand and work with difficult material and my confidence in preparing for exams. The Profs provide very organized, dependable instruction from those who have extensive experience in the subjects they teach. I recommend The Profs, without reserve, to any students seeking extra help, exam prep advice, or just another educational resource in general. You will certainly receive your money’s worth and not be disappointed.

Lauren, London School Economics

A-level Tutor

The Profs have really helped me get through

The Profs have really helped me get through my final year of uni, I have received invaluable advice and help with my undergraduate dissertation, assignments and essays and even job/post-graduate applications.All my tutors: Leo, Eric and Dan were fantastic! Very professional but friendly, extremely intelligent and helpful and always available and willing to go the extra mile to help me. I would definitely recommend!!

Anita, Edinburgh University

Online A-level Tutor

Helped me grasp the difficult course material

My tutor’s intuitive teaching has not only helped me grasp the difficult course material, but the extra supplementary notes created for me have proved to be great revision materials, and saved me precious note-making hours nearer the time of the exam.

Lee, London School of Economics

Online A-level Tutoring

At The Profs a-level tutors, you can rapidly find a tutor for your needs, on call at a time that matches you. You can use it on any device and lessons are logged for you to playback later. You may want to have: a-level tutors And, if you're in search of online a-level tutors | online a-level tutoring | a-level tutor | online a-level tutor | a-level tutoring | a-level tuition | online a-level tuition, you'll be pleased to realise that The Profs presently boast over 900 tutors with both academic and expert experience across a wide array of subjects. From Primary and Key Stage levels to GCSEs, A-levels, professional credentials, and all things in between, we have the expertise you need.
Our tutors work with scholars not only in the UK and EU but also in the USA, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, India, New Zealand, and worldwide!
We also offer various tutors across a vast selection of subjects, including but not limited to French, Spanish, German, English, Maths, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Law, Psychology, Engineering, Economics, Finance, MBA, GMAT, GRE, ACCA, AAT, IELTS, TEFL, ESL. You can find even more subjects on our platform.
Our dedicated tutors also provide university tutoring and admissions test preparation, covering all Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams, ensuring that you have the support you need at every stage of your educational journey.

A-level Tutor

A-level Tutor

A-level tutors - Who can apply to be a tutor with The Profs? What we are looking for

We are in search of online tutors across all subjects, catering to all age groups and levels of study, from Primary school up to Professional certifications. The Profs is a far-reaching platform, collaborating with tutors and students from all corners of the globe. Here's what we seek in our online tutors:

- **Relevant Academic Background**: A degree that aligns with the area you intend to tutor, such as online a-level tutors | online a-level tutoring | a-level tutor | online a-level tutor | a-level tutoring | a-level tuition | online a-level tuition . Teaching certifications aren't essential, but they will greatly boost your application.
- **Relevant Teaching Experience**: Ideally as an educator. We seldom accept applications from recent graduates lacking prior teaching experience.
- **Online Teaching Experience**: Knowledge of remote online tutoring platforms, VLEs, online whiteboards, and the like is not essential, but considering the unique demands of online teaching, previous experience is valued.
- **Subject Demand**: The demand for remote tutoring is often concentrated in sciences, technology, engineering, maths, social sciences, languages, humanities, professional qualifications, entrance tests, and aptitude tests. Subjects like economics and computer science are always in high demand, while languages and humanities may have a comparative excess of supply.
- **Personalised Approach**: Tutoring with The Profs is not merely lecturing or classroom teaching. It's about 1:1 interaction, tailoring, and building a relationship. Emotional intelligence is as crucial as raw intelligence in tutoring!
- **Professionalism and Competence**: Being knowledgeable, constructive, proactive, accessible, and proficient is vital. In short, we look for expertise in our tutors.

We will only ask individuals to interview if we think their skills will be really utilised on The Profs' platform. If you embody these qualities and are interested in making a difference in the lives of students, we welcome you to consider opportunities with The Profs.

Online A-level Tutor

How much do A level tutors charge?
On average, A-level tutors in the UK charge between £25 and £60 per hour, depending on the tutor's experience, location, and subject expertise.

How do I find a good A level tutor?
To find a reputable A-level tutor, utilise accredited online platforms, seek recommendations from peers, review testimonials, and schedule initial consultations to gauge their teaching methodology and compatibility.

Does tutoring help A levels?
Undoubtedly. Tutoring provides personalised attention, addresses specific academic challenges, and often results in improved confidence and A-level performance.

How much is a tutor per hour?
Tutoring rates vary, but in general, tutors in the UK typically charge between £20 and £70 per hour, contingent on their credentials and the subject matter.

How much is a tutor per hour UK?
In the UK, hourly tutoring fees range from £20 to £70, influenced by factors such as subject complexity, tutor experience, and regional demand.

How much is the average tutor fee in the UK?
The median fee for tutors in the UK oscillates between £25 and £50 per hour, though this can deviate based on various determinants.

What age should you get a tutor?
Optimal tutoring age varies; however, many parents seek tutors for their children as early as primary school to reinforce core subjects or tackle particular academic challenges.

How do you know if a tutor is good?
A proficient tutor will possess relevant qualifications, a proven track record of success, strong communication skills, and consistent positive feedback from students.

Do you need tuition for A level?
While not obligatory, A-level tuition can provide valuable tailored assistance, potentially bridging gaps in understanding and bolstering overall grades.

Is private tutoring worth it?
Private tutoring offers personalised guidance, addressing specific academic needs and often leading to increased confidence and improved results, making it a worthy investment for many.

What is the hardest part of tutoring?
Arguably, the most challenging aspect of tutoring is identifying and adapting to individual student needs while maintaining engagement and motivation throughout sessions.

Am I smart enough to be a tutor?
Intelligence is vital, but effective tutoring also demands patience, adaptability, strong communication, and a profound understanding of the subject.

Is 1 hour of tutoring enough?
One hour can be productive, but the effectiveness depends on the student's attention span, the complexity of the subject, and the specific academic objectives.

How long should tutoring sessions be?
Ideal session length varies but typically ranges from

A-level Tutoring
A-level Tutoring

45 minutes to 2 hours, contingent on the student's age, concentration capacity, and the subject being covered.

Do private tutors need to pay tax UK?
Yes, private tutors in the UK are obligated to declare their income and pay tax, subject to their annual earnings and individual circumstances.

How much do GCSE tutors charge per hour?
GCSE tutors in the UK generally charge between £20 and £50 per hour, influenced by factors like their experience, location, and the subject they teach.

How much is a GCSE tutor per hour?
For GCSE tutoring in the UK, expect to pay rates between £20 and £50 per hour, although this can vary based on various parameters.

How much do private tutors get paid UK?
Private tutors in the UK earn, on average, between £20 and £70 per hour, contingent upon their expertise, subject area, and geographical location.

How much should I ask for as a tutor?
Set your tutoring rate by evaluating your qualifications, market demand, the subject you teach, and benchmarking against similar tutors in your vicinity.

Is private tutoring legal in UK?
Absolutely. Private tutoring is lawful in the UK, though tutors may require specific checks or qualifications depending on their clientele or tutoring environment.

How much is a GCSE maths tutor?
GCSE maths tutors in the UK typically charge between £25 and £50 per hour, though this can vary based on the tutor's credentials and location.

What time of year is best to tutor?
Tutoring is beneficial year-round; however, demand often surges leading up to exam seasons and at the start of academic terms.

Can I tutor at 16 UK?
In the UK, while there's no legal age restriction to tutor, credibility is often established through qualifications and experience, which might be limited at 16.

Am I too old to be a tutor?
Tutoring isn't age-restricted. Knowledge, expertise, and effective communication are paramount, not age.

How often should you see a tutor?
Frequency varies per student's needs; however, weekly sessions are common to maintain momentum and address ongoing academic challenges.

What do parents look for in a tutor?
Parents typically seek tutors who are knowledgeable, reliable, engaging, have a proven success record, and resonate well with their child's learning style.

Do I really need a tutor?
Tutoring is subjective; if you face consistent academic challenges or seek to excel in a specific area, a tutor could be a valuable asset.

Can you pay to sit A-Levels?
Yes, private candidates can pay to sit A-Levels at examination centres, though fees and requirements vary by institution.

Can you sit A-Levels for free?
Typically, school or college-enrolled students don't

A-level Tuition

pay directly, but private candidates often incur exam fees.

Do universities care if you have a tutor?
Universities primarily evaluate academic achievements, not the means by which they were attained. Having a tutor won't negatively impact university admissions.

How long should you have a tutor?
Duration should align with academic goals; some students benefit from short-term assistance, while others opt for longer-term tutoring support.

Is tutoring a good side job?
Tutoring can be an excellent side job, offering flexible hours, decent pay, and the rewarding experience of aiding in academic success.

Can tutoring be a full-time job?
Absolutely. Many tutors turn their expertise into full-time careers, leveraging their reputation, expanding their clientele, or even launching tutoring centres.

What makes a great tutor?
A stellar tutor combines expertise in their subject, effective communication skills, patience, adaptability, and a genuine passion for teaching.

How many times a week should I tutor?
The optimal frequency depends on your academic needs; however, 1-3 sessions per week is a common recommendation.

How much is a maths tutor per hour?
Maths tutors in the UK typically charge between £25 and £55 per hour, influenced by their experience and geographical location.

What subjects are most in demand for tutoring?
Demand varies, but traditionally, maths, sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), and English tend to be high-demand subjects for tutoring.

How do I advertise myself as a tutor?
Promote yourself via online tutoring platforms, local advertisements, community boards, social media, and word of mouth. Remember to highlight your qualifications, successes, and unique teaching style.

Can a teacher also be a tutor?
Yes, many teachers supplement their income or expand their teaching practice by offering private tutoring services outside of school hours.

Is online tutoring as effective as in-person?
Effectiveness varies per student. Some thrive in online environments due to flexibility, while others benefit from in-person interaction. Assess individual needs to determine the best approach.

How do I choose a tutor?
Select a tutor by evaluating their qualifications, testimonials, and teaching style, and ensuring they resonate with your learning objectives and preferences.

Why is tutoring beneficial?
Tutoring offers tailored learning experiences, addresses specific challenges, builds confidence, and often results in improved academic performance.

Are online tutors worth it?
Many students find online tutors valuable due to their flexibility, varied expertise, and the convenience of learning from any location.

Your designated Client Liaison Manager will guide you in selecting the best tutor(s) for your needs. We interview all our tutors individually, and take feedback from every student they work with, so we’re in a solid position to recommend the right tutor for you. After we have all taken your requirements, tutors with relevant experience will let us know how they can help you, and we’ll choose the best one or two to introduce to you. Ultimately, however, the choice will be yours, so do feel free to ask our team for any information you need.

All payments are taken by The Profs on the tutors’ behalf, and are made via credit or debit card, or via Direct Debit. After the first payment, the card details are stored by our payment provider, Stripe, and further payments are taken automatically. Don’t worry, though; you’re still in complete control, and you can request an immediate refund of any payment you think is incorrect. Our invoices are sent weekly, and you’ll have 96 hours to query any invoice from us.

At the very top, we work with lecturers and industry professionals of decades’ experience, and typically all of our tutors hold at least a Master’s degree. Usually, our tutors have considerable private tuition experience before applying to The Profs. Everyone must visit The Profs’ Office for an interview or arrange to meet a member of the team online. They will be asked to prepare and teach a mock tutorial before they can be approved as a tutor, and not everyone passes this stage. Our standards are strict.

90% of our students work with a specialist in their field. For original topics, like dissertations (especially at Master’s and PhD level) it’s nearly impossible to find a tutor whose research is in the same area; if it were, it wouldn’t be original! What they can do, however, is advise on the best methods, the approach, and the requirements of research at this level, and guide you towards the right results.